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Why the Skoda Kodiaq is the greatest vehicle for giant families


Sometime along life’s road, there comes a fork when things change. Whenever you take just as much satisfaction from the smooth transition from six- to seven-seat mode while you do in the race from six to seven around the tacho. When rear packaging matters greater than rear-wheel drive. When adaptable cabin storage assumes greater import than adaptive damping. Sigh.

After which we’re able to recommend an MPV. The brand new Renault Grand Scenic is most agreeable. But increasing numbers of people stick their fingers within their ears once they hear that kind of advice. Cars overtly created for big people are going fast one way only. From fashion. No, the large family cars people really want are the type that appear to be like 4x4s for that free-roaming outdoorsy buyer – virility symbols. Instead of MPVs that are proof of proven virility.

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