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Such a long time Stephan Winkelmann – his final interview as Lamborghini boss


Such a long time Stephan Winkelmann – his final interview as Lamborghini boss

After greater than a decade because the boss of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann is departing to participate Audi’s Quattro division.

In the Geneva motor show, where Lamborghini required the wraps from the special-edition Centenario, celebrating the 100th anniversary from the birth of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, Winkelmann sitting lower with Autocar for just one last interview in the current role.

He reflected on his years in the helm from the Sant’Agata sports vehicle company before he makes method for ex-Ferrari man Stefano Domenicali.

Autocar: Departing Lamborghini as the organization reveals a vehicle celebrating its founder’s 100th anniversary is fairly neat timing?

Stephan Winkelmann: “The timing is really a chance – but it’s a pleasant co-incidence. The limited editions we began to produce about 10 years ago, however this the first is special – it shows emotion, it recognises our founder also it shows there’s an exciting future.”

A: You’ve introduced a number of special edition cars through the years, such as the Reventon, Aventador J, Veneno and Sesto Elemento. You want extreme cars, it appears?

SW: “It enables us to behave outstanding every so often. That’s essential for us, since it enables us to complete somethings special for the customers as well as for our very own workers, but for the brand, to exhibit what are going to and also to make headlines constantly despite a 2 model line-up. We’re a separate company which provides for us an opportunity to funnel this passion.”

A: They have all earned money?

SW: “Yes, otherwise we couldn’t make them.”

A: Have you got a favourite exclusive edition vehicle?

SW: “I always say my last vehicle is the best, however in this situation I’ll allow that the first, the Reventon, includes a special devote me. We’d a concept so we switched it into something special. Another one which sticks out may be the Sesto Elemento. It had been the greatest technological demonstrator without peer. It demonstrated lightweight technology in a different way and extremely pressed the boundaries of the items was possible. It achieved something which was nearly impossible.Inches

A: What’s altered on your time at Lamborghini?

SW: “It isn’t that i can judge. I labored on exactly what I figured was important, but we labored on everything: the company, the merchandise, the dealership network – we labored together on a single styles and altered the perceptions. The important thing was that people all required exactly the same line.”

A: What’s going to never change at Lamborghini?

SW: “The passion. It is crucial that it is usually stored alive. And it’s important everybody can easily see it.”

A: Does passion mean fights, too?

SW: “Yes. Always. If you would like passion you’ll want fights.”

A: That which was the greatest fight?

SW: “The greatest challenge was the 3rd model [the Urus Sports utility vehicle]. Getting that through would be a hard fight.

A: Have you got any regrets concerning the [front-engined, four-door] Estoque not going past the concept stage?

SW: “If I’d one shot for any third model, it was right the Urus has been made. We’re able to return to Estoque. All I’d have to say is that Lamborghini could be larger than three products.Inches

A: Are you able to summarise typical Lamborghini customers?

SW: “Male, entrepreneurs, figures. They love the cars come in Italia and they’re very proud to possess the cars.”

A: Are you going to miss knowing every customer by name?

SW: “Yes, I’d good relationships with the Lamborghini dealers and customers, and perhaps that can’t continue at Audi. However, you cannot outside of them even just in a larger scale company. You have to speak with the shoppers constantly to be aware what they believe and wish.Inches

A: Have you got a favourite production vehicle you oversaw?

SW: “The Aventador, because it was the very first project Used to do from the-Z. It’s nearer to me and also the one I’d pick having a gun to my mind – however i love all of them.Inches

A: Critics might say Lamborghini prioritised looks over performance on your time. Is the fact that fair?

SW: “The design is definitely among the two primary causes of purchase – alongside performance, obviously. We stated handling was more essential than acceleration, and acceleration was more essential than top speed. Which was important over everything. The lap time is a lot faster with higher handling than the usual high-top speed. Which was the direction.”

A: What advice can you give Stefano Domenicali?

SW: “I have none to provide. He’s experienced the vehicle business for many years and that he knows what he needs to do.”

A: What’s his greatest challenge?

SW: “To bring the Urus to production. It’s a problem.Inches

A: In your first trip to Audi, what you will really miss?

SW: “The team. I’ve grown to like them. Other things, I will need to wait and find out.Inches

A: What’s your role at Audi exactly?

SW: “For now, I have to wait to determine. I’ve been focused on Lamborghini, and until I get to Audi that won’t change.”


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