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New diesel engines for Mercedes


New diesel engines for Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a brand new selection of four-cylinder diesel engines that’ll be set up in various models later this season, such as the C-class. Codenamed OM651, the brand new 2143cc unit uses twin turbochargers, a typical-rail injection system and 16.2:1 compression ratio to supply as much as 20 percent more power and fuel savings as high as 25 percent within the engine it replaces, the OM646.Three distinct versions from the OM651 are planned. In range-topping form, set to locate its distance to a brand new C250 CDI model which will continue purchase within the United kingdom in October, it kicks out a good 201bhp and 369lb foot of torque while supplying Mercedes’ executive-class saloon having a -62mph duration of 7.7sec, combined fuel use of 52.3mpg along with a CO2 rating of 143g/km.The C250 CDI is going to be became a member of this fall with a mid-range form of the brand new diesel packing 168bhp and 295lb foot inside a follow-as much as today’s C220 CDI, along with a base C200 CDI variant managing a single turbocharger and producing 134bhp and 243lb foot.Following its appearance within the C-class, the brand new engine should feature within the next-generation E-class and approaching, BMW X3-challenging GLK off-roader, which matches on purchase (although not I the United kingdom) next March.

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