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Volkswagen’s U.S. Sales Decline Continues Apace


Volkswagen’s U.S. Sales Decline Continues Apace

2016 Volkswagen Passat, Image: © 2015 Mark Stevenson/The Truth About Cars

What’s promising? Volkswagen of the usa offered more new vehicles in Feb 2016 than the organization were able to sell in The month of january 2016.

Unhealthy news? Improving upon Januarys results would be a given. Feb volume was considerably more powerful over the industry, just like it always is. Even while industry-wide sales increased 17 % in contrast to The month of january, Volkswagen sales increased 11 percent. Even though the surged to the best Feb results since 2001, Volkswagen brand sales still fell towards the cheapest Feb total in 5 years.

As passenger vehicle sales dipped very slightly in Feb, sliding just by in regards to a half a portion point in contrast to Feb 2015, Volkswagen’s vehicle volume was lower 20 %. After claiming a disastrously low 1.75-percent share of the market in The month of january 2016, the Volkswagen brand contributed only one.66 percent from the auto industry’s total volume in Feb 2016.

The diesel emissions scandal, which erupted last September, wasn’t the start of Volkswagen’s U.S. sales troubles. Volkswagen’s Feb sales have fallen in three consecutive years, sliding 29 percent since 2013. However with the brand’s dealers seriously limited when it comes to an item selection, a status tarnished by cheating – there’s apparently nothing worse – along with a pregnant pause before new in-demand vehicles are launched, these winter blues aren’t the finish of Volkswagen’s U.S. sales troubles, either.

No matter timing, the view of Volkswagen’s Feb sales answers are uncomfortable to behold. Here’s one-by-model search over the Volkswagen spectrum.

2015 Volkswagen Beetle Classic, Image: Volkswagen of America


When the original New Beetle would be a harbinger of success in the 90’s, its successor’s surprisingly effective launch at the end of 2011 wasn’t. Two-door hatchbacks with limited versatility and styling, that have been extremely popular whenever a Clinton is at the White-colored House, aren’t the kind of cars a brandname can depend on for volume.

Combined sales from the Beetle Coupe and Beetle Convertible in Feb 2016 were chopped in two, falling to simply 912 units, only the second (and 2nd consecutive) three-digit sales month because the vehicle premiered in September 2011.

2016 Volkswagen CC, Image: Volkswagen of America


It has nothing related to diesel unavailability. The CC never was marketed within the U . s . States having a diesel engine. Rather, the CC is just ancient. CC sales started at the end of 2008. Typically 2,146 CCs monthly left dealers between 2009 and 2012. CC volume stepped 40 % to 251 units in Feb 2016.

2015 Volkswagen Eos Final Edition, Image: Volkswagen of America


Why was the Eos’s formerly ended lifespan temporarily extended with the 2016 model year? Duh, to be able to go ahead and take very lucrative Floridian battle to the Buick Cascada. (Not necessarily.) Volkswagen offered 110 copies from the Eos in Feb 2016, a 7-percent year-over-year drop comparable to eight lost sales. Oh, and Buick reported 495 Cascada sales in Feb 583 up to now.

2015 Volkswagen Golf family, Image: Volkswagen of America


When the Beetle, CC, and Eos are scarcely consequential types of Volkswagen’s downturn, the Golf lies in the centre from the matter. Total Golf family volume was lower 7 % in Feb, a stark contradiction because of the 5-percent uptick achieved by America’s compact vehicle market recently. But the majority of the Golf’s volume remains created outdoors from the presumed core from the Golf selection. Three-quarters of total Golf volume in Feb was generated through the GTI, Golf R, e-Golf, and new Golf SportWagen.

Only 887 “conventional” Golf hatchbacks were offered in Feb, a 46-percent year-over-year decline.

Context? Uncommon cars which were more generally acquired in Feb range from the Mitsubishi Mirage, Toyota Prius V, Nissan Armada, Land Rover LR4, Lexus RC, Ford Taurus Police Interceptor, you will find, the Volkswagen Beetle.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Image: Volkswagen of America


Volkswagen’s best-selling model lost 13 % of their Feb volume. Granted, a bit of individuals lost sales were from the wagon variety. (The Golf Sportwagen’s Feb 2016 performance was 7 % much better than the Jetta SportWagen’s Feb 2015 performance.) Jetta sedan volume slid 8 percent to 9,375 units recently. Because of the outright lack of TDI sales, this isn’t a disastrous result for any five-year-old vehicle. Incentives help.

2016 Volkswagen Passat SEL Exterior High Angle, Image: Volkswagen of America


Volkswagen reported 4,380 Passat sales in Feb 2016, a 31-percent drop for America’s tenth-best-selling midsize vehicle. Passat sales were in perpetual decline prior to the TDI failure this past year. Feb sales in 2013 were lower 8 percent, Feb 2014 volume then fell 7 %, and Passat sales fell 10 % in Feb 2015. Put these figures together and also you observe that Passat sales recently weren’t simply lower 31 percent in contrast to Feb 2015 Passat sales were nothing more than half the things they were 4 years ago. Volkswagen is presently on pace to market less than 50,000 Passats in the usa this season, lower from greater than 100,000 this year and 2013.

2016 Volkswagen Touareg, Image: Volkswagen of America


Volkswagen’s Sports utility vehicle strategy made an appearance to become employed by a short moment. Nearly 28,000 Touaregs were offered in 2004. However the brand’s upmarket predilections didn’t match consumer desires, and Touareg volume declined. Touareg sales are lower 15 % this season but slid only two percent in Feb. At just 403 units, Feb 2016’s Touareg performance is when compared with Feb 2015, when Touareg sales had fallen to some 52-month low, well ahead of time from the diesel emissions scandal.

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan, Image: Volkswagen of America


Sadly, Volkswagen’s vibrant light may be the brand’s low-volume compact crossover. Yes, Tiguan sales are improving markedly, shooting up 78 percent in Feb after successive increases in each one of the previous 11 several weeks as well as an all-time monthly record in December. However the Tiguan, set to get replaced soon by a previously revealed model, remains a very low-volume utility vehicle through the standards of their competitors.

Volkswagen reported only 3,245 Tiguan sales in Feb – top-selling competitors from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Nissan all capped the 20,000 purchase benchmark recently.

Timothy Cain may be the founding father of GoodCarBadCar.internet, which obsesses within the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures. Follow on Twitter @goodcarbadcar as well as on Facebook.


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