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Subaru Exiga could arrived at United kingdom


Subaru Exiga could arrived at United kingdom

The brand new seven-seat Subaru Exiga might be coming towards the United kingdom.The Impreza-based model premiered in Japan in June like a 2.-litre, three-row minivan.

Now the organization that imports Subarus in to the United kingdom, the IM Group, is staring at the situation for getting it here a choice in either case ought to be produced by the finish of the season. Within the United kingdom the Exiga would slip among the Ford C-Max and S-Max when it comes to size.

On home turf in Japan, the Exiga begins with 146bhp normally-aspirated, and 222bhp turbocharged flat-four engines, plus Subaru’s trademark symmetrical four-wheel drive.

As Japan is really a RHD market, creating a version for that United kingdom ought to be relatively straightforward, although only automatic transmissions can be found at the moment and a few United kingdom buyers will should you prefer a manual.

When the Exiga will get the eco-friendly light, it might simply be provided with the 4-pot gas engines, and never with Subaru’s excellent new boxer diesel. Subaru already has its own hands full meeting interest in the oil-burner within the Legacy the Forester and Impreza mind the queue for supplies next.

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