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Be considered a hero, buy this Ferrari Enzo Prototype


Be considered a hero, buy this Ferrari Enzo Prototype

Like the majority of companies, Ferrari reaches its best when its doing something loony. You realize, like carving up a 348 and shoving Enzo running gear underneath. Thats precisely what engineers did in 2000. The organization built a number of Enzo development mules using the supercars 670-horsepower V12 tucked right into a 348 chassis. The vehicle used rough flares the approximate width of Deleware. It had been crude. It had been the type of factor youd build inside a shed in case your shed didn’t have lights along with a preponderance of lemoncello. It had been, in short, perfect. Only one of these simple mules ever went to private hands, and today its for purchase in Germany. Its a 1 of 1 machine, even though there is no published cost, you are able to bet your eggs this factor will return an investment handsomely. Take a look at Modena MOTORSPORT. RELATED: My Year Of: 2003 Caterham Seven Super Sprint via Jalopnik and Carscoop

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