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Audi e-tron quattro concept Cruises 310 Mile Electric Avenue


Audi e-tron quattro concept Cruises 310 Mile Electric Avenue


Audis latest reveal, the e-tron quattro, may be merely a concept at this time, however the all-electric Sports utility vehicle provides a glimpse regarding whats to range from German premium automaker in 2018 once they unveil a production version different color leaves.

We wont have full specs around the production EV until nearer to launch, but Audi touts the e-tron quattro as getting 310 mile range capacity along with as many as 496 horsepower from three electric motors driving all wheels.

Yet, despite everything power and efficiency, are you able to find whats missing out of this all-electric concept?


Audi has completely become eliminate the lowly side mirror to make the e-tron quattro concept a far more slippery affair – also it appears to possess labored.

At 16 ft lengthy, 6.3 ft wide, and 5.1 ft tall, the idea still has only a drag coefficient of .25. An energetic air suspension and flat underbelly help with boosting that efficiency, along with the active aero system included in certain body panels. Driving quality, states Audi, can also be improved because the new aero elements result in the e-tron quattro a really quiet highway companion.

But, what of individuals mirrors?


Audi, within their efforts to place OLED screens on every possible surface, has replaced the standard side mirror with screens baked into the doorways. What this means is there is no longer a necessity to regulate the position for various motorists as type of sight is totally digital.

Another of Audis OLED experiments is to help make the area left from the controls, usually restricted to light controls, completely digital. That appears like a stretch. All of those other dash is definitely an growth of Audis Virtual Cockpit technology, including another OLED panel underneath the shifter.

Meanwhile, for individuals who worry about all-electric performance, the e-tron quattro is going to be operated by three electric motors having a normal creation of 430 horsepower. When the driver demands a little more oomph, output is boosted to 496 horsepower and 590 lb-foot of torque, rocketing the idea to 62 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds coming to some top speed of 130 miles per hour.

If you are attempting to tackle the twisties, active torque management between your rear wheels and 4-wheel steering can give the behemoth some nimbleness.

and all sorts of that inside a sport-utility vehicle with 21.7 cu. foot. of cargo space and seating for four.

Audi states the e-tron quattro will fully charge its 95 kWh battery power in 50 minutes from the 150 kW charging station, or it may be wirelessly billed from the plate the vehicle finds by itself.

If even 1 / 2 of this idea wizardry involves fruition in 2018, this could just be the loudest salvo fired at Plastic Valley up to now.


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