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Volvo to market 50g/km vehicle by 2012


Volvo to market 50g/km vehicle by 2012

Volvo has announced plans to become world leader in plug-in hybrid technology carrying out a partnership with Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall.

The maker stated its first vehicle to make use of fraxel treatments is going to be obtainable in 2012 and it’ll offer “high safety and genuine driving pleasure”.

The very first-ever electric Volvo can also be into consideration as lengthy as it can certainly meet strict safety needs.

Volvo’s eco-friendly strategy, dubbed Drive Towards Zero, envisions the next free of both emissions and accidents, stated their Chief executive officer, Stephan Odell.

“I would go to date regarding state that the plug-in electrical hybrid we’ll launch this year is a true dream vehicle. Using the innovative solution we’ll offer, the vehicle owner can drive a completely enjoyable vehicle full of Volvo’s famous high safety and genuine driving pleasure,” he added.

Volvo’s plug-in hybrid uses a diesel engine running on renewable synthetic diesel to supplement the batteries.

It’s claimed the vehicle may have class-leading range and co2 emissions is going to be under 50g/km.



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  1. pyrotechnicsone says:

    This article is not so encouraging, making a fuss out of small things. I’m all with Greg Miller and company for their bold decision. But i just can’t seem to unde1tand what made them separate themselves from IGN so abruptly. I mean they had to1 of fa1 on IGN. Their Playstation Podcast was awesome, what’s wrong in being affiliated to a good, reputable media house?.nI’m sure they had their reaso1, and they did realize the work they will have to put in now, but that’s how new things are made, new goals are achieved, so best of luck to them.

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