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Peugeot concept to enter virtual reality


Peugeot concept to enter virtual reality

Never mind the 207 CC, Peugeot. We want one of these. Sadly, however, this concept – called the Flux – will never make it into reality.

It will, however, make it into virtual reality –the Flux is the winner of Peugeot’s fourth online design competition, and part of the prize is that it will star in a future game for the XBox 360 console.

The Flux is the creation of Mihai Panaitescu, a 20-year-old Romanian design student studying in Turin.

Panaitescu sees it as a car that is “very much at home in an urban environment. Its compact size makes it easy to use. Its classic design, combined with a sporty, modern feel, blends in perfectly with the urban landscape.”

Clearly he’s never been to the UK. As well as getting to see his car on the small screen, Panaitescu gets a cheque for €6000 – about £4000.

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